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 Ali Jutt


 Ali Jutt
Windows 7 Ultim from Microsoft isate the long awaited successor to the ubiquitous 

Windows Vista operating system. Building upon Vista's impressive feature 

set, Windows 7 adds many features which simplify the way you use your PC, as 

well as the way that your PC connects to the world.

The Ultimate edition of Windows 7 is designed to meet the needs of business and

 home use alike. It omits none of the features that are found 

in theHome Premium or Professional editions of the software. These include 

improved desktop navigation, improved speed, the Internet Explorer 8 web 

browser, Windows Media Center, and HomeGroup networking.

Other carry-over features include Windows XP Mode, which allows you to run 

legacy applications in a true virtualization of Windows XP. You'll also be able to 

join Domains, which is often a requirement for connecting to corporate networks

. Finally, the Professional edition adds the ability to backup your system to a home 

or business network.

The Ultimate edition adds BitLocker, which allows you to encrypt data on your 

hard drive and other storage devices. Encrypting data is critical in environments 

where it is imperative that sensitive data does not fall into the wrong 

hands.You'll also be able configure the OS to use any of 35 languages, making the

 Ultimate edition an excellent choice for multilingual users.

Both the 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the operating system are included on the 

disc, allowing you to install the edition which best suits your needs.
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